Wednesday, August 31, 2005

why blog? why not blog?

This is the second edition of balcolnies after an earlier attempt collapsed under sheer urban pressure. At the time it seemed that there was no point in blogging. What was the point of creating cyber bubbles that were doomed to remain limited and isolated? Should one reveal one's identity, i wondered, or revel in the anonymity that is one of the mercies of city life? Can cyber space by a reflection - in some convoluted manner - of urban realities? Or was the anonymity yet another shield, a mask, to stave off unnecessary assault? And who was one unknowingly bringing into one's space (cyber or otherwise)? For anonymity works both ways, both the viewer and the viewed, the writer and the reader, do not see/know/recognize eachother? Is it like dancing with strangers in the dark? And while there is a certain illicit thrill in that, was it worth the danger?
All this for why not to blog.
So why a second edition then? Simply because none of the above prevents doing it. Because after all it is liberating to feel you can stand on your balcony and shout whatever obsecnities or nonesense comes to your mind( or else share wonderful brilliant illuminations), because it's nice to express thoughts in writing beyond one's personal journals. After all, the strangers one bumps into in the dark, might, just might, turn out to be interesting people.
So why not?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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